What the Heck is an Eichler?

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You may have heard of Eichler homes in the Bay but what the heck are they? In the 50s and 60s, Joseph Eichler made his mark on the California landscape by building visionary homes in NorCal and SoCal. His iconic architectural style drew heavily on Franklin Lloyd Wright’s designs and is characterized by his use of clean lines, open concept layouts, and uncommon themes such as entry atriums. He used glass walls to transition outside spaces into living spaces seamlessly and created a new design ethic now known as California Modern. His designs became so popular that they became known simply as “Eichlers.”
Not only was he a visionary with his architecture work but also in social advocacy. In a time where racial segregation and discrimination was the norm, he pushed for equal opportunities in home ownership and fought to ensure his homes were available for all to enjoy. Most of his homes were built in the Bay Area and in some parts of Southern California. My favorite Eichlers are the smaller examples near San Antonio road and Central Expressway in Mountain View. Eichlers are definitely one of my favorites styles of home builds. How do you feel about Eichlers?

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