Timing the Real Estate Market

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Every day at the Holt team, we are asked the question, “When should I sell or buy my home?” Recent trends have shown home prices continue to go up and have left many scratching their heads trying to time the market. The Wall Street Journal wrote, “A decade of results throws cold water on the notion that strategists exhibit any special ability to time the markets.” So I offer this: Instead of asking, “When should I sell or buy my home,” a better question may be “Why should I sell or buy my home?” It’s so important to clarify what your personal and financial long-term goals are so that you can develop a strategy that will help you achieve them. Be weary of real estate “professionals” that tell you what you NEED to do. At the Holt team, we take the time to discuss with you, face to face, what your concerns and motivations are so that we can educate you on what the best options are for your specific situation. Maybe you shouldn’t sell or buy right now! Reach out to us to schedule a no-commitment consultation and we can figure out your next move together! Happy hump day Bay Area!

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